Video: 3 Must-Watch Jeep Commercials

It's an amazing age we live in. Just a decade ago, online video was still in its infancy. Now it's become second nature for many of us to go online and watch almost any short video instantaneously. Ever gone to YouTube to find a particular video, only to find yourself absorbed in your computer or tablet for an hour, watching a series of funny, classic commercials? You're not the only one.

That brings us to these three entertaining Jeep commercials from days gone by.  Chances are you haven't seen them in quite some time.  And even if you remember them, we think you'll agree they are worthy of another look.

1. Jeep Comanche Stands Alone

This is one of the most bizarre car ads we've seen for any company, but it happens to be for the 1988 Jeep Comanche - Jeep's now-defunct entry into the pickup truck segment. The commercial begins deep in an underground lair, where the Comanche emerges in VERY dramatic fashion from a rock "egg," and frightens a creature that vaguely resembles Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. The Comanche then scowls and growls like an angry monster as it ascends to the top of a mountain. This is epic. If only those scary "red eye" headlights were an actual option, the Comanche might still be in our lineup today.

2. Rock Me Gently

Jeep isn't known for using humor in its ad campaigns, generally preferring to let the capabilities of the vehicles speak for themselves. This memorable Jeep Liberty commercial from 2007 is an exception to that rule. It features a group of zany animals who jump into the Liberty with an unsuspecting driver and sing along to a 1970s classic, Andy Kim's "Rock Me Gently." 

3. Levi's Jeep CJ5

Did you ever want a vehicle that fit you like your favorite pair of jeans? Jeep and Levi's took this concept and ran with it in the early 1980s, creating a Levi's-themed CJ5 (which would eventually become the Jeep Wrangler). This beauty certainly was "outta sight!" Unfortunately the seats weren't finished in real Levi's denim, but rather in blue vinyl, "with a top to match!" . . . so these Levi's models had to settle for wearing lots of denim while driving it. Longtime Jeep fans will love the use of the classic slogan, "We wrote the book on 4-wheel drive."

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